About the Instructor

Michelle Raymond

HR Consultant & Visibility Strategist 

With over 15 years’ experience in human resources, Michelle's bread and butter is creating the culture and attitude shift that inspires others to break down their limitations and achieve personal and professional success.

Michelle Raymond is a HR Specialist, Visibility Strategist, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and award-winning International TEDx Speaker on a mission to make the inVisible Visible!

For more than a decade, Michelle has leveraged her research on the work and leadership paradigms of women in business and leadership – highlighting the psychological barriers that seem to hold them back and shines a light on strategies and insight that deal with the imposter syndrome.

Her company, The People’s Partner provides bespoke HR services to the SME sector, designing and delivering effective people management strategies. The company delivers services through their HR Partner Portal where the team are able to provide effective services  such as  contract compliance, policy implementation, employment law, HR guidance, monthly support service and change management.

The People's Partner also provides in-person, virtual or online training covering business, HR and communication.

Michelle has also become a respected and in-demand business coach, keynote speaker and authority on how to use strategic networking in an impactful way.  With a unique ability to transform, improve and develop the skills of people through coaching, consultations and bespoke training, Michelle’s coaching and HR expertise has been featured in People Management, HR Grapevine, The Guardian, Housekeeping Magazine,The BBC and Sky TV.

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Have the recent initiatives around Black Lives Matter caused you to think about diversity in your company?

Are you concerned that diversity, equality and inclusion may have been overlooked?

Or maybe…. 

You want to make sure you are doing the right thing and remaining compliant?

Whatever the reason, you are here now and we will support you in developing a diverse and inclusive business. 

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So what is Diversity Essentials 101?

Diversity Essentials 101 is a short, yet impactful training toolkit to get business owners up to speed with what they must know and what they should do to be fully compliant with the narratives around diversity and inclusion and how this links to The Equality Act 2010. 

The training toolkit also comes equipped with an Equality Policy, A Dignity at Work policy, unconscious bias checklist list, 3 exercises to use with your team and diversity resources. Everything you need to get you going!

Understandably you cannot and will not learn everything there is about creating and managing a diverse workforce in a 2 hour training video, however what you will do is have the peace of mind that your current practices are ok, or if they need amending, you will be armed with the tools to do this.

This is a taster toolkit to arm you with just enough information, knowledge, policies required to get you started on course to become a truly inclusive organisation

So what can you expect?

  1. A thorough understanding of the Equality Act and how new changes will impact your work processes

  2. How to engage multicultural communication for your diverse workforce and diverse clients

  3. An understanding of the different stereotypes, biases and prejudices that are at play within the work environment

  4. Strategies to break down the hidden barriers of unconscious bias

  5. Tips on how to recruit, manage and maintain and diverse and inclusive workforce

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you will also get:

  • An Equality Policy

  • Dignity at Work Policy

  • 3 Diversity and inclusion exercises

  • Unconscious bias checklist 

  • Further resources and recommendations

The training will help you to do the following:

  • Be able to recognise and challenge inappropriate behavior

  • Attract commercial buy-in asa company that understands and promotes diversity

  • Be better equipped to promote equality, tackle discrimination and foster good relationships between diverse group

To purchase your toolkit, enter sale2020 at the point of sale where it says add coupon and get £100 off the recommended retail price!

Course Contents

11 Videos         5 PDFs            1 Download

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Diversity Essential Part 1 - Module 1

    • The Equality Act

  • 3

    Diversity Essential Part 1 - Module 2

    • The 9 Protected Characteristics

  • 4

    Diversity Essential Part 1 - Module 3

    • Discrimination, harassment & Victimisation

  • 5

    Diversity Essential Part 2 - Module 1

    • The Importance of D&I for the Workplace

  • 6

    Diversity Essential Part 2 - Module 2

    • Stereotype, Biases and Prejudices

  • 7

    Diversity Essential Part 2 - module 3

    • Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices

  • 8

    Diversity Essential Part 2 - Module 4

    • Communication Skills

  • 9

    Diversity Essential part 2 - Module 5

    • D&I to help retain top performers

  • 10

    Diversity Essential Part 2 - Module 6

    • Final thoughts

  • 11


    • Equality Policy and Dignity and Dignity At Work Policy

    • Diversity Resources

    • Exercise 1: Bias or Stereotype

    • Exercise 2: Group membership

    • Exercise 3: Unpack Your Stereotypical Baggage

    • Checklist of Reducing Bias

  • 12

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...